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Quironsalud Hospital Spain


Quirónsalud is Spain’s biggest healthcare provider. It emerged after the merger of the Idcsalud and Grupo Hospitalario Quirón groups, and has over 60 years of experience now in providing expert medical care to supplement patients' health and well being. It has over 70 medical facilities all over Spain providing comprehensive medical care to all patients in all medical specialties. It is one of the most flourishing medical and educational institutions in Spain with a solid research centre which together provide a base for the best medical care facilities in the world. Its main objective has always been to provide excellent medical care to all patients without compromising patient’s comfort, which has allowed it to become as big as it is today.


Publication about complex cases in medical journals

Quironsalud is one of the leading healthcare providers in Spain, as such they have treated or managed many complex medical cases, which have been published in medical journals. As recently as August 2021, Quironsalud Cordoba Hospital cured a case of a particularly complex hand tumor which was published in a scientific journal so that it can become a reference for other doctors who wish to treat similar patients.


Telemedicine reinforcement

Telemedicine is a big part of medical treatment in Quironsalud. Especially after the COVID pandemic, Quironsalud has doubled down on its telemedicine medical care initiative. Quironsalud Marbella Hospital is one of the biggest telemedicine initiatives of Quironsalud. With the help of this, patients can receive their diagnosis at home and only have to come to the hospital or emergency room if necessary. This saves the patient a ton of time and money and also expedites their treatment process.


Pioneer in Hip replacement surgery

Astroverde's Traumatology team, with orthopedic specialists Dr. García de León and Dr. Plaza from Quirónsalud Santa Cristina de Albacete Hospital, have pioneered a new technique for hip replacement called Direct Superior Approach (DSA) which is a more superior process leading to more stable hips, with practically no dislocation. It is a minimally invasive approach for treatment which leads to minimal pain and hospitalization time.